Credit Score To Refinance House

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More refinance help may be on the way. Generally, when it comes to mortgages, the higher your credit score, the lower your mortgage interest rate.But there is a growing movement to make credit.

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Buying a house with bad credit is an uphill climb. but one that also handles FHA-insured loans and one who won’t burden you with onerous fees and charges, based on your credit score. Each lender.

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"Portfolio loans can be helpful for those with bad credit because they look beyond your credit score to understand more about you as a person and what caused your bad credit score," Tayne said.

Your lender will vary your rate based on your score. According to october 2013 data from FICO, 30-year fixed refinance loans are available with a FICO score as low as 620, although the best rates are available to borrowers with scores of 760 or above. The actual break point for your rate will vary by lender, though.

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The FHA Cash-Out Refinance program is available to people with credit scores as low as 580. Some lenders may want a score of 600 or higher though. This program has a maximum LTV of 85%, so you won’t be able to qualify if you still own a lot on the home. You’ll need at least 15% equity.

One of the biggest flexibilities of FHA loans is the ability to refinance with a score as low as 500. Most FHA streamline lenders will require that you have at least a 580 score, so be sure to check with the loan officer you are working with on their lowest score requirements.

You’ve no doubt heard that a good credit score is key to a healthy financial life. Here’s why that’s true and how you can stay on top of it.

7. Don’t open any credit during the refinancing process. As with buying a house,applying for a new credit card or car loan while you’re in the hunt for a new home refinancing loan can lead to problems. "The last time I was trying to accomplish a mortgage refinancing loan I made the huge mistake of opening a $500 credit line at Macy’s," says Norris.

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