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Refinancing: 2% rule of thumb – Mortgagefit – The 2-percent rule is a thumb rule to find whether refinancing will be a good option on a mortgage. The rule indicates that it will be good to refinance if the rate is reduced by 2% as a result. It has become almost obsolete now.

Refinancing – Professional Mortgage Consultants – Refinancing is the process of adding a new first mortgage to replace an existing. The rule of thumb regarding the cost vs. benefit of refinancing is that you need .

Your Refinancing Questions Answered – The Mortgage Professor – monthly payment savings arising from the refinance cover the refinance settlement costs within a short period, such as a year or two, the refinance will benefit them. What makes this rule of thumb wrong is that it completely ignores the impact of the refinance on how rapidly the borrower will pay down the loan balance.

down payment calculator house Should I drain my savings to buy a house? – It’s not just the down payment that eats up savings. If you need help figuring out whether that mortgage will leave you house poor, check out our real life ratio calculator. Subscribe to Carrick on.

Mortgage Advice > 2% rule of thumb in refinance – Gianni Cerretani (mortgagegodfather) #33 ranked lender in Georgia – 238 contributions The 2% rule is that most of the time when you are refinancing for it to be financially worth it, the general rule of thumb is that you want to see a decrease in your current interes rate of 2%.

When and How to Refinance a Mortgage — Mortgage Professor – The rule of thumb does not work for any borrower who is concerned with how long they have to pay, which should be every borrower. Combining the Refinance Analysis With Mortgage Shopping . The answers generated by refinance calculators are no better than the current mortgage prices the user must enter to make the calculators work.

how to avoid pmi with 5 down How to Avoid Paying private mortgage insurance – Private mortgage insurance (pmi) adds an extra cost to your monthly mortgage payment, something that most buyers understandably want to avoid. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid paying private mortgage insurance, options that you want to be aware of as you go to buy a home.

Refinancing Before and After Exchanges – IPX1031 – Refinancing to pull equity out of a property prior to or after. As a rule of thumb, the refinance transaction should be separate from the.

5 Reasons When You Should Refinance a Mortgage – Here are the five key circumstances when you should refinance a mortgage.. Back in the day, the rule of thumb was to refi a mortgage when the rate had gone down by at least 1%. Today, a rule of.

The 2 percentage point rule for refinancing is just a mortgage myth: Hidden Truths – Somehow this money myth — a rule of thumb for how far your interest rate should fall — has become a maxim. But homeowners who forgo refinancing because their rate won’t drop enough might be missing.

4 Types of Refinance Loans | Guaranteed Rate –  · As a general rule of thumb, you may want to consider a cash-out refinance if you need more than $50,000. In order to take advantage of the best rates, you will not want to exceed a 60 percent loan-to-value ratio (what your home is worth versus what you owe) and have at least a 740 credit score.

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